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19. teambowers   (29.08.2012 07:37) E-mail
The 3D men you have posted to iStockphoto . com are fantastic. I would like to open a dialog with you to create additional images. Please send me an email where we can chat privately.

I want to purchase File #: 13700425 but all five people that looked at the image said the same thing and laughed... They said that the 3D man looked like he had an erection. Can you update that image to make the 3D man less "excited?"

18. Sharona   (15.05.2012 14:00) E-mail
I like the 3D men you have on iStock. Would you be able to create an image of a 3D man wearing a T-Shirt with our logo on that we could use on a new website? If so how much and when would you be able to do this by?

Many Thanks

17. Joseph Michael Hernandez   (23.04.2012 21:27) E-mail

My name is Joseph. I would like to invite you to join www.TheArtofBusinessCards.com (ABC). On this site you earn $5 to $20 on every sale. Many artists say they make more on this site than all of their other sites.

There is a video that explains more about the opportunity on the site.

You may sign up at this link:

Please email me if you have any questions.



16. Edvard   (21.10.2011 01:29) E-mail
test site need some graphics, want you to do a global with a key in it. global will be focused on island of greenland.

15. Stephen Egerton   (05.05.2011 15:40) E-mail
Hi Sergey,

I''m very interested in having one of your golden ball 3d images produced directly for me to use as a logo for my new, small business. I may also have some further commission work that with some other images that you might be interested in. Please contact me direct on the email address above if you are interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

14. Mark Hemmis   (01.03.2011 18:07) E-mail
Hello, our company is working on an annual report and we''d love to talk to you about contracting customization of some 3D renderings of your chain link images. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss, thank you in advance! Looking forward to it.

13. Vectornexus.com   (14.04.2009 03:48) E-mail
Dear Sergy,

How about considering posting your vector images on our site – www.vectornexus.com ?

If you are interested, we will provide you with a FTP account where you can upload your .eps files, jpeg display images and keywords and we will do all the posting and linking for you.

We are a brand new company. We offer a high payout percentage (40% - 50%) and besides selling your vector images via instant digital download, we also market them printed on T-shirts. Whenever T-shirt sales are made you will receive the same profit percentage as with a digital download.

We hope you will take this opportunity to grow along with us. Let us sell for you so you have more time to do what you love, creating beautiful vector illustrations.


12. Admin   (27.11.2008 17:01)
Спасибо, давно хочу переделать сайт

11. Игорь   (24.11.2008 02:04)
Отличные фотографии, особенно восхитился портретами. Хотелось бы чтобы появились другие разделы на сайте, например какие то секреты съемки фотографии, природы, животных. Также хотелось бы услышать про характеристики фотоаппаратов для новичков. Спасибо еще раз автору, больших заработков и долгих лет жизни сайту!!!

10. Александр   (08.11.2007 10:21) E-mail
хотел пообщаться по аське. Прошу меня авторизовать.

9. Admin   (24.05.2007 06:45)
Добрый день!
Мое портфолио на Фотолии

8. DV   (23.05.2007 16:44)
Здравстуйте! А где на фотолии можно найти ваше портфолио?

7. Admin   (09.04.2007 10:12)
Пожалуйста. Если нужна помощь, обращайся.

6. nekoriu   (09.04.2007 09:57) E-mail
Ваш сайт был первым местом, где я узнал о фотобанках. Спасибо.

5. Admin   (02.03.2007 10:02)
Я это еще и продаю...

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